About Us

GP Enterprises Co., Ltd.

GP Enterprises Co., Ltd. (GP), is a proven industry leader in the design and manufacturing of residential water pumps. Founded in 1998, GP is a major supplier to the North American market with products in a broad range of categories including: sump, effluent and sewage pumps; utility pumps; well pumps; swimming pool pumps; and more.

Conveniently accessible in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, GP covers an area of 36,000 square meters with state-of-the-art facilities featuring vertically integrated manufacturing and fully automated production lines.

ISO 9001 and CSA certifications confirm our commitment to delivering high-quality, value-driven products to our retail and distribution customers, professional contractors and end-consumers.

Our lab has been qualified by CSA Group Testing & Certification Inc., as a Testing Facility for Witnessed Manufacturer’s Testing for Certification Program.

Our 206 employees include an award-winning product design and engineering team that consistently delivers innovative products that have resulted in over 150 patents.

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GP Enterprises - North America

GP-NA supports our North American customers by providing services that include:

  • US Consumer Research & Market Data Analysis
  • Assortment & Planogram Planning
  • End-User Call Center Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Defective Returns Analysis
  • In-Stock Replacement Parts

Our showroom is also our “retail lab” where we can set up a simulated store environment. We can test recommended assortments, create proposed planograms, and evaluate products and packaging the way consumers would experience it at retail – “on the shelf.”

Our fully trained Customer Service Technicians respond to customer inquiries by phone and email.

Daily sharing of information with GP Enterprises Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality allows us to evaluate issues as quickly as we hear about them.

We then work together on improvements to products as well as all aspects of the customer experience.

Our Product Test Area serves multiple purposes:

  • Product training.
  • Confirming customer feedback about issues.
  • Testing product returns and insurance claims.

GP-NA has a distribution resource in the Chicagoland area with the capability to ship Nationwide and Off-Shore.

Innovation and leadership​

Innovation and leadership

GP Enterprises is a proven industry leader in the design and manufacturing of Residential Water Pumps and Accessories since 1998.

World-class engineering​

World-class engineering

With a rich history of world-class engineering, manufacturing excellence, and customer-focused innovation, we offer dependable solutions for Residential Water needs. Our strength is in listening to our Customers to better understand needs and preferences. We respond by designing and manufacturing quality products that meet and exceed expectations, and help install pumps faster and more efficiently.

Our customers are #1

We appreciate our customers and our focus is to find more ways to better serve them. 

Quality and performance​

Quality and performance

GP Enterprises offers the very best in Residential Water Pumps. If you are looking for high quality pumps, with performance you can count on at a real value, check us out!